EDDIE case study

RDDT Case Study

Rare Disease Data Trust and Deep Data Insight’s EDDIE application:

Using OCR, ICR, NLU, AI, and Machine Learning to save lives from the curse of Rare Diseases.


According to the National Institutes for Health, there may be as many as 7,000 Rare and ultra-rare diseases (collectively, Rare Diseases) with the total number of Americans living with a Rare Disease is estimated at between 25-30 million.

As a result, “while individual diseases may be rare, the total number of people with a Rare Disease is large.” Individuals who suffer from them are often lost in the healthcare system for years due to a lack of awareness of signs and symptoms of the diseases and because many Rare Diseases manifest symptoms similar to other common illnesses.  Individuals with Rare Diseases typically experience a five to eight year ‘diagnostic odyssey’ from onset of symptoms to diagnosis, if they are accurately diagnosed at all.


Perc3pt Case Studies


Psychometric testing and Artificial Intelligence:

How the Big 5 helps to optimize professional sports teams


Running a successful sports team is reliant on a number of different factors. The physical capability and skill of all team members probably comes at the top of most coach’s lists. However, as incremental improvements of physical abilities get smaller, coaches are looking further afield to eke out a sporting advantage. Notably, an individual’s character is playing more and more of a part in terms of an athlete’s coachability and propensity to improve.

Furthermore, coaches are thinking less about the individual…and more about what makes individuals work together successfully as a team. Less obvious factors such as communication, leadership and composure are all part of getting a team to gel. As such, it is getting increasingly common in sport to embrace psychometric analysis during the draft and training phases.

This article looks at how a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and an online sports platform successfully pooled their resources to great effect.