The Deep Data Insight team is passionate about solving the seemingly impossible.

We are continually exploring the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain to innovate for a brighter and better future for everyone.

We achieve this by using Data Science methods, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to create new technologies that serve to enhance decision-making processes across all sectors.

The Deep Data Insight team’s diverse expertise and idea-driven culture allows us to create and provide exceptional products, solving complex problems and providing clear answers.

AI is in all our futures and at Deep Data Insight we are here to make it accessible for you.


Our Products


Did you know that Artificial Intelligence can help you understand the personality traits of your next recruit, employee or athlete? Our ground breaking AI technology can give you amazing insight.
Our Products

Treatment Grouping and Risk Forecasting

Analyzing, grouping and forecasting complex healthcare insurance claim data is difficult – especially when there are thousands of medical codes to evaluate. Our Big Data and AI solution, the DDI Grouper and Risk technology, makes things simpler.

Our Products


Meet ‘Eddie’ – an AI powered Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Workflow solution focused on helping organizations to convert their digitized documents to editable text.


Our vision is to relentlessly explore the capabilities of data science with the intention of creating new ways to improve quality of life. Our diverse expertise and idea-driven organizational culture allow ‘Deep Data Insight’ to create and provide the exceptional products our consumers deserve.  Our approach is based on the four pillars of Discovery, Analysis, Architecture and Development and Support.

Our belief is that, to come to an exceptional solution one needs to have a clear and in depth understanding of the problem. With this in mind, our team works closely with each client to discover and understand the problem. We accomplish this with meetings, whiteboard sessions and brainstorming sessions while utilizing our internal and outside domain expertise. This provides us valuable insight into client’s perspective thus allowing us to converge to unique and more efficient solutions.

We pay a high attention on the data analysis phase where we go through many statistical analysis and representations. In this analysis phase, we continue the back and forth communication with the client which we started in the Discovery phase since we believe that effective products and services are an outcome of clear communication as much as they are on algorithms, skills and technology.

With the in depth understanding of the problem, the data, and the environment and conditions under which the end system will operate; we begin designing the architecture. Here, we apply our vast expertise ranging from statistics to machine learning, databases to front end interfaces, and so on to create a custom architecture which is tailored to the scenario. With an architecture for the system in hand, we develop a prototype (a model as a POC) to demonstrate the viability of the method(s) selected. 

Once the client is satisfied with the prototype, we begin development of the system. Here, we go through the architecture again to fine tune any aspects if necessary and start the development and testing cycle. We use standard quality assurance and data science specific testing which cover both manual and automated test sequences.  We continue our support to the client in the maintenance of the system as well as provide the client with opportunities for new upgrades which we come up with our research division.


Our Perc3pt system analyses social media content/content provided by the customer and provides an evaluation of any individual’s major personality traits.

Perc3pt works by analysing social media posts made by an individual. The system then provides predictive scores on a variety of personality traits, behavioural risks and emotional states.


Analysing highly complex data is difficult – especially when there are lines and lines of thousands of codes to evaluate. To provide information in a format that can be used for decision making purposes, these thousands of codes need to be grouped and we have created the technology – the DDI Grouper – to do just that.


Eddie is an AI powered Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Workflow platform.  This is one step beyond Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which covers other aspects of document digitization.

This is a custom solution focused on helping organizations to automate most of their document digitization process.


We know there is lot of hype surrounding Data Science. What makes us different? We believe we can truly improve quality of life with the solutions we’re building. Our passion is to create technologies that learn and help humans make smarter and more efficient decisions. This will allow humans to more confidently make decisions that would be otherwise impossible or apprehendingly daunting with less progressive solutions. Our 100+ years of combined multi-disciplinary AI experience allows us to build solutions across many industries including Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain, Retail, Agriculture, Hospitality, Gaming and Legal.

Adherence to delivering quality cost-effective solutions. Openness to market opportunities that are not dependent upon one geographic region.

We currently have offices in the United States and Sri Lanka. We have the ability to grow a multi-national client base.

We are engaged in continued research and development to improve upon best practices and effectively compete with market competitors, in respect to quality and cost, in a rapidly growing market. (e.g. provision of solutions when limited data is available).


My company has partnered with Deep Data Insights for many years. The Deep Data Insights Team feels more like an extension of my own team rather than a vendor/client relationship. The support we receive from this team is par excellence. They take time to understand the issues we face and present solutions that are both cost and time efficient. I recommend Deep Data Insights highly if you're looking for a technology partner.
Addy Biggers
DDI has robust AI experience and knowledge. Their team brought significant advancements to our solutions and they are continually looking for ways to improve our algorithms and solution sets. Great team to work with!
Scott McCullough
DDI built a form recognition and reading process that uses AI and ICR. Works fantastic and has multiplied our productivity. Fast turnaround on add-ons.
Randy Farr
We use Deep Data Insight for our AI and OCR needs. They have done a fantastic job with very complex data.
Jeanine Nugent

Our Latest News

EDDIE is a revolutionary product from Deep Data Insight. It has been designed to bring real-world savings to any organisation that works with large amounts of data. In this article, we look at this functionality in detail and explain the types of data activities to which EDDIE can bring massive savings.