Eddie is an AI powered, cloud based, highly scalable, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Workflow platform that allows digitized documents to be converted to editable text. Eddie can be customized for any client domain. ICR is far more superior to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which typically require “roping and zoning” techniques. Different handwriting styles, inconsistencies in written/typed data, issues introduced during document scanning, make proper digitization less effective with traditional OCR. i.e. upside down documents, hard written notes and documents with very high resolution are typically rejected by OCR systems. Eddie on the other hand does not care about resolution or orientation, printed or handwritten.

Eddie takes in pdfs or images of scanned documents and extract the information intelligently to editable formats. Eddie can recognize and extract not only printed-handwritten information, but cursive handwriting and tabular data. Optimized for processing real-world documents that contain either structured, free-form, hard-to-recognize data fields that are inherently
unsuitable OCR.

Extracting information from scanned documents with our generic and personalized intelligent text extractors.

Using cutting edge deep learning approaches and extracting handwritten text information from PDFs of scanned documents.

Integration with secondary information sources to increase the accuracy as well as output integration with client databases.

Intelligently detecting and extracting table structure of PDF documents and exporting tables in excel and csv formats.

Integration of dedicated personalized portal for manual inspection of the automatically extracted texts and tables.

Extending scanned PDF, our machine vision solutions are able to cater for more unique scenarios depending on client workflows.

Eddie’s document management portal allows following capabilities:

Optionally, privacy and security minded clients can use our patented, zero trust and self-authenticating technology ensuring not only the right users access your data but also that the data itself can be trusted. With our technology, teams can make data end-to-end self-governing – it enforces the policies you set for it. And we enable data to be self-tracking – it creates the irrefutable event logs needed to prove data privacy.

About Eddie

Eddie is an AI powered Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Workflow platform.

This is one step beyond Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which covers other aspects of document digitization.

Eddie is a custom solution focused on helping organizations to automate most of their document digitization process.

Eddie has the capability of processing scanned versions of documents which are sent as PDF or Images.

How Eddie Works

Eddie is currently based on templating where Eddie is trained for each of the document types and then deployed in the cloud and exposed as secure APIs for the client to use in any way they prefer.

  • Image Processing – We use the latest concepts of image processing to pre process and clean the scanned documents.
  • Deep Learning – We use deep learning models to recognize different handwriting.
  • Inferences – We use domain specific knowledge and statistical model to infer the information where needed.
  • Learning – We use multiple machine learning approaches to enable the system to learn by itself as time passes.


Assume a company needs to digitize 1000 documents. The data from the document will need to be typed into a UI and each scanned document connected with it. Assuming a 5 minute time for typing in information per document (When multiple pages and table structures are included, it will go well beyond 10 minutes per document). Thus it will take around 5000 minutes or 83 hours.

With Eddie, the user simply dumps/uploads the 1000 documents and goes for lunch! It takes only a few seconds per document so when the user comes back from lunch, all the documents are processed and linked automatically. The User can glance over them and approve. No typing is needed. No need to spend 83 hours!

For an information pack, please send your inquiry to info@deepdatainsight.com.

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We know there is lot of hype surrounding Data Science. What makes us different? We believe we can truly improve quality of life with the solutions we’re building. Our passion is to create technologies that learn and help humans make smarter and more efficient decisions. This will allow humans to more confidently make decisions that would be otherwise impossible or apprehendingly daunting with less progressive solutions. Our 100+ years of combined multi-disciplinary AI experience allows us to build solutions across many industries including Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain, Retail, Agriculture, Hospitality, Gaming and Legal.

Adherence to delivering quality cost-effective solutions. Openness to market opportunities that are not dependent upon one geographic region.

We currently have offices in the United States and Sri Lanka. We have the ability to grow a multi-national client base.

We are engaged in continued research and development to improve upon best practices and effectively compete with market competitors, in respect to quality and cost, in a rapidly growing market. (e.g. provision of solutions when limited data is available).

My company has partnered with Deep Data Insights for many years. The Deep Data Insights Team feels more like an extension of my own team rather than a vendor/client relationship. The support we receive from this team is par excellence. They take time to understand the issues we face and present solutions that are both cost and time efficient. I recommend Deep Data Insights highly if you're looking for a technology partner.
Addy Biggers
DDI has robust AI experience and knowledge. Their team brought significant advancements to our solutions and they are continually looking for ways to improve our algorithms and solution sets. Great team to work with!
Scott McCullough
DDI built a form recognition and reading process that uses AI and ICR. Works fantastic and has multiplied our productivity. Fast turnaround on add-ons.
Randy Farr
We use Deep Data Insight for our AI and OCR needs. They have done a fantastic job with very complex data.
Jeanine Nugent